Principal Investigator

Maegan Tucker  
Maegan is an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department and GWW Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her work is focused on developing controllers capable of achieving dynamic, natural, and robust bipedal locomotion. In particular, her work has a special focus on exoskeleton locomotion for individuals with locomotor disabilities.

PhD Students

Neil Janwani  
Neil Janwani is an incoming robotics PhD student at the Dynamo Lab supported by the NSF and IRIM fellowship awards. Broadly, his work centers on human-robot interaction, learning and nonlinear control. More specifically, he is interested in human-robot teams that can plan, act, and recover in real-world dynamic enviornments.
Future Student  
Future student interested in control, HRI, and/or biomechanics